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Third Country Shipments

#PremierGlobal, showing its presence outside India and doing third country shipments, moved heavy equipment of various dimensions and weights from Masan, Ulsan in South Korea and Yokohama in Japan. There were a total of 355 packages, weight 2657 MT and volume 5,600 FRT.

Some of the heaviest packages included 90 MT shell from Ulsan, 190 MT HRSG from Masan and a 303 MT steam generator from Yokohama.

We successfully procured a brand new heavy-lift project vessel from BBC Chartering for the 3 load ports. The routing was from Korea eastbound towards Japan and then westwards back to Bangladesh.

All packages were directly delivered under hook onto 14 barges in a time bound manner without any detention at either ends. We are happy to deliver this prestigious shipment on time to the Bangladesh Power Development Board for their Bibiyana III project and look forward to expanding our services in third countries.


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